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If you are starting a family entertainment center, indoor party center, arcade business or children's edutainment center, we are the amusement business resource you have been looking for, and we are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week - welcome. Starting an arcade business or other community-based amusement attraction is a noble pursuit for many in these uncertain economic times. Large companies and corporations continue to flatline and downsize their employees, while many communities are in dire need of a fun center or other amusement business attraction.

If you are here looking for information and resources to start fun center, arcade business or indoor party center we encourage you to bookmark this page, come back often and get involved in our community and the amusement business resources available for you here.

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  • As we head into the fall season, the first thing on the calendar is the upcoming IAAPA tradeshow in Orlando, Florida. This place is candy-land for folks like us -- over 1,000 exibitors over 4 days with everything from candy for your fun center redemption counter, to indoor playground equipment, blacklight themeing, bowling and heck, even rockin' roll roller coasters.

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  • We get asked about the cost of indoor playgrounds all the time from new amusement business entrepreneurs who are looking to open a fun center or children's entertainment center business, and are planning to include indoor playground equipment. In this latest fun center blog post - here's what we tell them.

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  • There are a good assortment of well tested, proven activities and attractions for your family entertainment including miniature golf, playground equipment, bowling and of course laser tag. Over the last few years, the design and choices for laser tag equipment have started to expand beyond the traditional vest-gun system.

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Family Entertainment Center

Family Entertainment Centers and the Fun Center Business

family entertainment center business ownerHello and thanks for finding us - we've been here, on the web since 1999 and in the amusement business since 1995 both as a fun center busines operator and a manufacturer.

Every day I have the pleasure of speaking with both new amusement developers and family entertainment center owners and operators, as well as the many other professionals and amusement equipment companies and suppliers that make up our FEC network. The challenges for both amusement business owners and new fun center developers is finding the great resources of information and knowledge available within our industry - which is why we put together this one-stop family entertainment center resource.

If you are looking to start an arcade business, family entertainment center or other community-centric children's indoor party center or Edu-tainment center type business, you have come to the right place.

We continue to do our best to pull information and resources together from here in North America, but also from other, growing parts of the International amusement community.

Do us a favor - see or read something on the site that inspires you or bumps your curiosity, leave us a comment. Watch our Fun Center Blog for posts and give us your feedback there as well.

If you have questions about this site, the amsuement business or starting your own fun center feel free to call my office direct any time: (604)755-7942

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Are you feeling a little business plan challenged?  Just want the plan finished...?  Check out our fun center business plan. Easy-peasy 1-2-3 you're done!

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Ready to get started, but would like some hands-on guidance and industry support? No need to go it alone - Startup Academy is an FEC business mentoring program.

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Get a complete set of fun center operating manuals and forms for your amusement business. Job descriptions, operating proceedures and more.

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