Mining Your Customers for Repeat Traffic

Do you spend more time courting new prospects or adding value to existing ones?

Most B2C (business to consumer) businesses I know get the mix all wrong. They spend tons of time, energy and money trying to bring in new clients. If they spent  30% of those resources on existing clients, they would be far better off. Why? Because existing clients already know about you so that cuts down the sales time, and selling costs.

If you've ever watched Shark Tank, you know the 'sharks' are big on customer acquisition costs, and when it comes to your retail location, it's much easier and less expensive to turn an "inhouse" customer into a repeat customer, vs. the broadcasting costs of finding and dragging new customers into your family fun center. Exisiting customers are also more likely to refer you new opportunities. And referrals are much easier to close than cold calls. Whether you are an existing operator, or still on the startup path, here's a few tips to maximize your customer relationships.

family fun center gold customersAs an existing fun center business, think about your advertising. Is it directed to new people or existing clients? Exactly.

What are you doing inside of your center to get people to come back?

Sure some of you have or are thinking about a loyalty program, but how is it working?Maybe a better question is how are you working it? The single biggest way loyalty programs fail is because companies don't tell their customers they have one. Or maybe they tell them about it, but they don't explain it correctly. The key to a family fun center loyalty program is to make sure the customer feels GREAT about being loyal to your business. This means you need to make sure there is value in being loyal - and it should be a big deal. Make sure your staff knows this.

What about a referral program? Are you incentifying your existing clients with a reason to come back to your place AND bring someone new? You don't have to over think this. Make it easy on you and them. It could be as simple as a BOGO (buy one get one) laser tag, a handful of arcade game tokens, 100 redemption tickets or a free hot dog.

Weekly specials or discounts: Pick your slowest night and offer the best specials. It doesn't matter if it's on food or on gaming or on something else...just give people a reason to show up. Then watch them do it. Pretty soon your slow nights, become your busiest nights. Be mindful that when choosing a loss leader (fancy term for something you may lose money on to get people in to spend more money elsewhere) that you may lose money on this offering. Don't ever make these special offers without the fine print.

You can also do things that reach your customers outside of your venue IF you do the right things while they're there. What are you doing to collect their information? If you have a rewards program you can get their name, e-mail and maybe a phone number or home address. If they have to sign a waiver you can get their name and e-mail at the least. You can ask them straight away if they'd like to sign up for e-mail discounts and coupons. How else can you get their info?

How you reach them outside of your space:

Email- This is a pretty easy and consistent way to stay in touch with your clients. Choose a service like mailchimp or constant contact (both offer free accounts for a limited number of subscribers) and begin sending a monthly or bi-monthly newsletter. Note bi-monthly can mean every 2 weeks or every other month. I know content can get tiresome to produce so make it easy on yourself. Set up a template that's plug and play. Put in a few sections:

  • Calendar of events: Here you highlight what your upcoming specials are

  • Featured game or experience: Pick something every month to showcase

  • Tip: If you have only a few experiences think about ways people can get more enjoyment out of them

  • Photo of the month: Take a pic of someone enjoying themselves or even better, ask your customers to upload a pic to your facebook page and highlight that in your newsletter

  • FEC Funny: Do a search on Google for Arcade or Fun Center memes and share one in every note

Direct mail- You can send surveys, product announcements, special promotions and more. They can be a postcard or a big fancy envelope with lots of info inside. This idea works a LOT better if you have their address. If not, than go the Val Pak route and pop a flyer in the envelope. Don't like that idea? Find a direct mail firm who can deliver mail based on a zip code and target a few of your neighbors.

Social media- You have started a Facebook page, right? If you haven’t, now wouldn’t be too late to do so. Get your people involved in what’s going on in your world. Give them insight on how to enjoy your space more. Let them know from your perspective how they can work better with you. Add value to them. Always remember that your clients NEED (well, at the very least Want) you to be successful so you can continue servicing them. They are some of your biggest fans. Treat them as such!

Any of these options will work for you. If you did them all, that would work too. The key is to make a choice and then a concerted effort to make it happen. I hope you will implement some of these ideas because I am sure your business will grow.

Terry Bean Speaker AuthorTerry Bean has a passion for helping others succeed. He leverages his strengths in relationship marketing and communications for the benefit of those he serves. He is currently focused on building a very cool VR business that helps FECs understand and profit from Virtual Reality Arcades.

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