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Playground Equipment for Children's Entertainment Centers

Indoor playgrounds and playground equipment for children's entertainment centers do offer a lot of diversity in the play experience, including gross motor skills, social skill development, tactile play, and pretend play. Additionally, a good indoor playground design can facilitate the very real desire for many parents of sedintary children these days, to provide a safe all-out running, jumping, climbing, sliding active physical workout.

Indoor Playgrounds - Pricing

on Saturday, 20 October 2012. Posted in Indoor Playgrounds

Playground Equipment Pricing

Indoor Playgrounds - Pricing

When designed with the end-user in mind, indoor playgrounds can be a great value-add activity that will drive a strong return on your investment.  Children love to climb and slide and offering a diverse, well design indoor play structure like this one provided by SoftPlay will have your end-users coming back for more.

Pricing is a unique process with regards to soft contained indoor playgrounds. The first thing you need to know is that 90% of the design work playground equipment manufacturers do for fun centers and children’s entertainment centers are custom designs. There is no charge (or should NOT be a charge for this process) as each design should be different from the next.... your business goals differ from say McDonalds and the Jumpy Jimmy place down the road - so too should your playground design.  Companies that claim they will provide you with a “free” design are using marketing bla bla to get your business.

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