FEC Network and Virtual Reality (VR)


The FEC Network, Inc., and Private Label Virtual Reality (PLVR) have announced a partnership to bring Private Label VR to family fun centers, entertainment centers, laser tag centers, bowling attractions and other family freindly stand alone arcades and amuement attractions.

"I've been following the VR segment with interest for many, many years", said Derek Giesbrecht, President of FECN, Inc., "and for as many years, they have been telling us that Virtual Reality (VR) is going to change the face of entertainment. Until just recently, this has not happened. Mostly because the hardware and content have been at odds with each other, frame rates, lag times, lack of good content,... and more importantly, because a viable method to commercialize the opportuntiy has been lacking". 

Finally, VR has become a viable and profitable immersive attraction opportunity for our industry... enter PLVR.

Private Label VR for Fun Centers

"What's really exciting about the opportunity with PLVR, is their innovative end-to-end turnkey Virtual Reality Game Room. The complete package provides backend and game room management software, hardware integration, installation, service support and a robust community of owner, operators." Giesbrecht said.

"By working with the industry leaders in Virtual Reality Game Room development and integration, we are very excited to be able to help new amusement business developers and existing fun centers and aracde business owners and operators, with a simple process to get into, and offer a cutting edge, immersive entertainment experience that has proven demand."

Giesbrecht went on to say, "The very near future of VR content is going to allow operators of a Virtual Reality game room experience, the opportunity to attract and retain a wide demographic of gamers, as well as other customers who may not be specific to arcade gaming, but have an interest in other VR experiences such as swimming with whales, climbing the pyramids of Giza, exploring sunken ships, or far out into our own solar system and beyond, all in high-fidelity, 3D, 4K resolution and stereo sound". 

add a virtual reality game room to your family fun center or arcade business

"We're thrilled to join with the FEC Network. It's a always a great thing when two industry leaders collaborate on worthwhile projects" said Rich Twistol, VP of Sales at Private Label VR. Twistol continues "Our VR Arcade Business in a Box offering is something that FEC owners, old school arcades and new amusement developers need to be looking at, and Derek and his team are the perfect partners to work with to bring VR inside the family entertainment center."

The Future Game Room Has Arrived

In a final statement, Giesbrecht said, "I gave this thing a test drive and was totally blown away... with 22 years in this business, I have never seen anything like it. It was one of those Wow! moments, where you see the future and know this is going to be huge. For amusement attraction operators, arcade business owners and new fun center startups, the future is today and VR is a great way to help your guests explore it, while making a very decent return."

For more information see the download page here... and call the FEC Network office for a no obligation tour of the entire opportunity. 

More information: 1+(604) 755-7942



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