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how to start family entertainment centerIf you are here looking for information on how to start a family entertainment center, congratulations - you have found the number one amusement industry fun guide on starting your very own fun for the last 10 years running.

So here it is.... you could spend the next 30-90 days searching for materials and information from various amusement equipment suppliers who will all tell you that if you buy their latest and greatest indoor playground equipment, miniature golf, laser tag, or other amusement attraction you will make a lot of money in this business. -- OR -- you can get the unbiased, complete and comprehensive family fun center industry report here.

Learn how right now with this 33 page How to Start a Family Entertainment Center guidebook

Learn exactly what you need to know about the family fun center industry, what it takes to get started, startup costs, activity mix and what kind of a return on your investment you can expect.

Amusement Concessions


amusement-concessions Would you like some fries with your fun?
Publication Date: Updated for 2015
Length: 5 pages
Download File Size: 1.1mb

Amusement concessions and food service will play an ever-increasing role in the changing face of today's family entertainment business. If you have kids, or even just know a few, you are well aware that food is an important, tricky part of a successful formula for attracting and keeping customers.

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Redemption Games


redemption-games Redemption Games and the FEC
Publication Date: Updated for 2015
Length: 8 pages
Download File Size: 1.5mb

The key to a successful redemption operation in your family entertainment center (FEC) is to start building the demand for redemption prizes among your customers by encouraging them to play your redemption games. This is especially important if your customer base is from the ages 2-12 and you offer birthday parties. The main reason FECs perform birthday parties and advertise discount packages is to bring in lots of first-time customers. Your real profits are made when these customers have a great time and come back again and again. Redemption plays a major role in this cycle.

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Redemption Games in the Game Room


redemptions-games101 Redemption Games 101
Publication Date: Updated for 2015
Length: 21 pages
Download File Size: 200k

Redemption games account for as much as 60% of revenues at some successful fun centers. A huge sales opportunity that can add profits to your bottom-line, but more importantly can help you create a family-friendly play experience that will help you drive repeat visits. In this new developers guidebook, learn the basics of adding a profitable games room...

80% of Family Entertainment Centers offer games. What works for your business and your market area may not be the same as the guy across town - find out what the differences are, which games and games styles will work for you.

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Indoor Playground Design


indoor-playground-designs How to Design the Ultimate Indoor Playground
Publication Date: Updated for 2015
Length: 14 pages
Download File Size: 2.4mb

Starting a Children's Entertainment Center or planning on offering birthday parties usually means including indoor playgrounds. At last count there were 10 plus indoor play manufacturers - how do you chose the right one? In this 14 page guidebook learn how indoor playgrounds are priced, how the included activity mix (slides, punch-bags, ball-pools, climbs, crawls and more) are critical to your fun centers "Play-A-Bility" factor and how to design the best indoor playground for your business goals...

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Amusement Business Location


amusement-center-locations Location, Location, Location
Publication Date: Updated for 2015
Length: 4 pages
Download File Size: 584k

While facility layouts and attractions selection are critical variables important to your amusement business facility's ultimate success, their impact cannot be achieved without first identifying a proper venue. Finding the careful balance between land cost and FEC location is a multi-step process, and one that requires time, patience, and a willingness to perform a substantial amount of research.

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Amusement Funding


amusement-center-funding Sources of Amusement Funding
Publication Date: Updated for 2015
Length: 11 pages
Download File Size: 839k

There are two rocks on the road for many new amusement developers; location and funding. For many, funding is the bigger of the two. In this 3-part article learn the realities of funding, including; Government and community programs, equipment financing, new facility funding, street funding, establising relationships with creditors and alternate sources of fun center funding such as venture capital and private investors.

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Children's Entertainment Center Design


designing-childrens-entertainment Facility Layout - How to Design Your Children's Entertainment Center
Publication Date: Updated for 2015
Length: 7 pages
Download File Size: 367k

Good facility design is absolutely critical to the success of your amusement center. At most you have 30 seconds to make that first impression, and having guests stuck at the front entry trying to get past exiting patrons with 20 cake-filled-sugar-high screaming kids is not the best 'Hi, how are you and welcome'. Good design enables you to increase your revenues while reducing labor costs, streamline your party experience, sell more food, peripheral services and products. In this 7 page ebook learn some of the basic necessities and layout startegies that can help you create the best guest experience. Based on a 12,000 square foot CEC the ebook includes sample floor plan with example sections, including food service, stage area, main entry, kiddie rides and more.

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Group Sales for Fun Centers


fec-group-sales Group Sales - Developing a Plan that Works
Publication Date: Updated for 2015
Length: 7 pages
Download File Size: 367k

Group sales events are virtually ironclad sources of guaranteed revenue. Many larger parks and FECs have long emphasized group sales, however smaller operations can also profit from the addition of a group sales plan. For smaller centers and individual operators, a group sales strategy can easily equal 30 percent of the days revenues, and usually accounts for much more. And once a group sales program is in place it usually operates very smoothly for years, avoiding the time and expense of constantly having to reinvent the position. In this article find some great resources and ideas to help you develop, initiate and profit from a group sales program.

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