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 Written by Derek Giesbrecht, June 12th., 2017

I have been watching the Virtual Reality segment for years... and for as many years they have been telling us, "VR will change the face of entertainment..."  well, it finally has!

Welcome to Private Label VR

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The FEC Network is proud to announce a partnership with Private Label VR, the leaders in high-end, commercial, virtual-reality game development and implementation. A full, turnkey VR Game Room attraction for your family fun center, bowling center, arcade upgrade or laser tag attraction.

For new and existing fun center operators, Virtual Reality gaming offers a dramatic, engaging and authentic social experience with an equally dramatic return on investment (ROI). From a growing base of new and repeat players, new operators are experiencing high-volume traffic, with quick investment payback.

Start Your VR Experience

For new amusement developers or existing fun centers looking to offer a VR experience, now is the time. With a minimum down payment a complete, turnkey, system with installation and staff training can be added to your attraction mix. For multiple booths and larger game rooms, financing options are available.


For more information, download our PDF here, and then give us a call to setup a full tour of the hardware, system integration and back-end management software.
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 Call for more information today!
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* Several game room options available. Call us for complete details and a personal tour.

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