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laser tag equipment maleEasily one of the best tried and true amusement attractions for fun centers, family entertainment centers and indoor party centers is laser tag.

As we know, this business is about through-put. The more customers you can find and the more capacity you have to pull customers through your attractions, the more revenue you can earn. High through-put attractions (with the right customer focus and effective marketing) general equates to higher revenues.

As with other attractions like miniature golf, go-karts, soft contained play or paintball, laser tag has the potential to drive a lot of players past the checkin counter.

What I find very interesting, is in the last year or two, traditional laser tag and laser tag equipment manufacturers have been challenged by a new form of vest-free, wireless laser tag equipment from manufacturers who have seen a need in the market for a less expensive, turn-key system, that offers the same high through-put options for non-traditional laser tag installations. It could be the current economic situation, access to funding being difficult to find for many, or it could also be the simple need to find alternatives to pricey stand-alone laser tag equipment.

I have the great fortune of speaking with literally hundreds of amusement business owners and new amusement entrepreneurs every month, who find our sites and are either looking to grow their existing attractions business, or start an arcade or family entertainment center business of their own. Through-out these conversations when it comes to laser tag a new market paradigm of less expensive, easy setup, turn-key operations has begun to emerge.

By this, I don't mean the tried and true game of vest and laser tag gun as a system for fun centers is on the way out, just that new technology on the way in has enabled much smaller, budget minded amusement developers to afford the exciting game of laser tag by dropping the vest and in some cases the combersome need for computers, network wiring, printers, score sheets etc.

This smaller operator may be an existing paintball business that is looking to brand-out from the current teenage / young paintball fields are using wireless laser tag equipmentadult core market to a larger market of coed birthday parties for younger children and/or the mid-week opportunity of a corporate event or other group that is not so interested in the adrenaline rush you get from being hit in the shoulder by a speeding, exploding paintball.

laser tag paintballSimilarily, amusement rental companies because of the through-put and excitement of laser tag are looking to offer their customers the same great experience, off-site at any location their customer would choose. Group games for churches, inflatable party centers and more are finding these wireless systems to offer a low initial investment with a high ROI potential when effectively marketed and operated. The Amusement Equipment Directory offers a lisitng of laser tag equipment suplliers and you can request a complete catalog of services by filling out the site's catalog request form.

Having the option to save real money on these wireless, mobile and portable laser tag systems holds a lot of interest for event companies, paintball operators and the stand alone laser tag developer who is looking for a major cost savings in their fun center startup. Traditional "quality" vest-gun laser tag systems will cost you somewhere in the $1,500 to $2,000 per vest range, plus added costs for interactive bells and whistles, computer systems and installation. Wirless systems can be found for under $800 a gun and they are turn-key. No hardwire setup, computer or ongoing consumable costs of score sheets.

When it comes to system quality, resilence and play-a-bility, I think the jury may still be out on the long term success of these new "vestless" wireless systems. The vest-gun laser tag system has been around for 20 plus years now and has had all of that time to evolve within the stand alone family entertainment center market. These traditional laser tag equipment and systems have proven themselves time and again as one of the main attractions for attracting a strong repeat and diverse amusement customer.

I guess time will tell, but as of right now in the conversations I have, the low initial costs and customer feedback these pioneering laser tag operators have been receiving from their guests seems to point to a successful new amusement product.

If you would like more information on the startup of a laser tag center feel free to reach out to us. If you have something to add or ask about this article, comment below, we would love to hear from you... thanks for reading!

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