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Fun Center Mentors - How it Works

Starting a new fun ceter business? Looking for some professional industry experience to help your project along?  The Family Entertainment Center (on behalf of the owner/operator) will provide a level of pre-qualification before providing any mentor partner names. PRE-QUALIFIER: The new business start-up entrepreneur must have a basic understanding of their fun center project, including;

  • A realistic sense of the work involved.
  • An ability to acquire capital.
  • Be far enough along in their family entertainment center planning.
  • Have a solid concept / plan to discuss.

We will contact you within one business day to help further refine your project and a list of available mentors for you to contact directly.

Before contacting any owner/operator resource, have a list of well thought out questions in front of you. Have a pen and paper ready and start by making sure you have the ""time-permission"" to talk with your mentor... ask them, ""is this a good time?"" General Rule: Early mornings are best.

A set of well thought out in advance questions will help you to get the information you are looking for and will maximize both your's and your mentor's time... and it will be appreciated. Don't worry about editing your questions or be concerned about what you should ask... each mentor has his / her level of comfort and will let you know if you get too personal or business sensitive. Family entertainment center mentors within this project are understandably busy people. Use the above points to ensure you maximize your efforts and respect the owners schedule as requested.

To eliminate any operator concerns regarding competition, operators are only requested to mentor those who are not in their market area (out of Province/State). The Family Entertainment Center simply acts as an 'introduction' between the two party's - however, as a business owner we too understand and respect the finite resources of our mentor's time.

For further information, please call our office and ask for 'The Fun Center Mentoring Project' at 1+(604) 755-7942

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